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Cheap guitar of the week #39 - ESP LTD TE-212


What you don't see is what makes this guitar amazing.

The ESP LTD TE-212 is one seriously badass Telecaster copy, although you wouldn't think that by looking at it, as it does look rather plain.

These are the things that really make this guitar worth getting:

Basically put, this is a "Fast Telecaster." It's a Tele with a really thin, really flat neck with really big frets on it... and it's cheap.

Don't like the black? There's a Candy Apple Red version of it too:

ESP LTD TE-212 Candy Apple Red

(Note that the red version has chrome hardware while the black guitar has black hardware.)

Who is this guitar best for?

If you want a Telecaster, but want one with a nice, slim neck on it with big frets, the TE-212 is what you want. Neither Fender nor Squier make anything with a flat neck like this.

Best Tele for the price with this kind of neck? That's an absolute yes. I don't think there's anything else out there in Telecaster flavor with a slim neck the way ESP LTD does it. Not for this price, anyway.

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