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Cheap guitar of the week #40 - Agile AL-2500 MN

Agile AL-2500 MN

Agile is the only brand with the balls to produce a guitar like this.

You're only going to have one of two reactions to the Agile AL-2500 MN.

1. "Wow, I want one!"

2. "Damn, that thing is UGLY!"

But you have to give Rondo (Agile is a Rondo brand) credit here, because presently, this is pretty much the only Les Paul copy you can buy new right now with a maple fingerboard on it.

Is the guitar crap?

Not at all. The AL series from Agile is arguably the best Les Paul copy for the money. In fact, I'd dare say you get far more for the money considering how low in price the guitar is.

I'd also have to say this is a guitar that looks better in person rather than in pictures - except for the fact there are gold knobs on it which do not work with the finish at all. Ditch the gold knobs for black to match the headstock and that would work better.


Any time you see an Agile with "MN" in its model name, that literally means "Maple Neck".

Agile is known to release guitars with finish and wood options you never see anywhere else, and the AL-2500 MN is one of them.

Pretty guitar? That's up to you.

Unique guitar? Definitely. In a sea of Les Pauls that all have maple or ebony fingerboards, the AL-2500 MN commands attention even more than a Gibson Les Paul Supreme just from what its fingerboard is made out of.

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