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Cheap guitar of the week #45 - Squier Bullet HSS in Aztec Gold

Squier Bullet with Tremolo HSS Aztec Gold

This is probably the last time you will ever see this guitar sold new for the price it's selling for.

Right now (as in February 2016) on Amazon, you can get this guitar for $129.99 USD. It's not listed at $149.99 yet because this is one of the last pre-price-hike Squiers of 2016.

This is, of course, a Bullet model, meaning the lowest-priced full size electric guitar from Squier. Any electric lower in price goes into kid-size territory, such as the Squier Mini.

Aztec Gold is a color I'm genuinely surprised made an appearance on the Bullet Strat. It used to be only available on high-end Fender models (Jazzmaster, specifically.) Then it was only available on the upper-end Squier 60th Anniversary Classic Vibe Stratocaster (still available at the time I publish this, by the way.) Finally, the color trickled its way down to the base model, the Bullet Strat, which is what you see above.

If you know cheap Squier axes, you know the Bullet. I owned one myself at one point. It's a decent bang-around guitar.

Should you buy it? If you want a gold Strat for $129.99, yes, because it's the last of its kind at that price in that color. In a few weeks, this guitar may be still for sale, but not at the $129.99 price tag, and the gold color option may be gone for good.

In other words, if you like the gold, get it.

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