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2021 Fender Player Stratocaster Limited Edition Surf Pearl


Long name, good guitar.

I'll first answer the question of what makes this particular version of the Fender Player Stratocaster a limited edition.

Answer: Special colors for the body and plastics. Surf Pearl is one of two Guitar Center exclusive colors (the other is Shell Pink,) and as far as I'm aware, this is only one of two versions that has the mint green pick guard. I'll mention the other in a moment. However, exclusive to this guitar is the slightly darker color pickup covers and a tremolo arm (as in the "whammy bar") where the plastic tip matches the knob color.

I'll get to the story of how I bought this but first a few notes on the colors and specs.

What is Surf Pearl?

It's Surf Green with a very fine metallic flake that's almost sand-like in texture. You don't see the shimmer unless the guitar is literally right next to you.

There is a no-flake Surf Green CME Special Edition of this guitar at the time I write this. The shade is distinctively different but yes, definitely a Surf Green. It also sells for $50 less than the Guitar Center guitar even though it's exactly the same, hardware-wise.

Which of the two surf colors are better? Neither is better than the other. What I can say is that if you want a surf color with just ever-so slightly more "pop" to it, that's Surf Pearl. However, if you prefer a traditional Fender surf color that's more "smooth" in appearance, that's Surf Green.

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