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Cheap import guitar of the week #12 - Oscar Schmidt OE20G

Oscar Schmidt OE20G

We've got a gold Les Paul copy here, and it's good.

This cheap guitar does deliver the goods in fine style. Oscar Schmidt is a subsidiary of U.S. Music Corporation, similar to how Squier is part of Fender. You probably know U.S. Music Corporation and didn't even realize it. Some brands under that corporation are Marshall Amplifiers, Washburn Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Hagstrom, Framus, DigiTech and several others.

Simply put, the OE20G is cheap and good. Very nice price tag, and most of you out there could afford this guitar today.

There are several things I really dig about the OE20G.

It's gold. And gold looks good on a Les Paul.

There are some guitars that carry a gold finish better than others. For example, I don't particularly care for the Squier 60th Anniversary Strat in Aztec Gold. Very nice guitar, no question about that, but for me it just doesn't work on a Strat body. For a vintage-look Squier Strat with maple neck and fingerboard, any other Classic Vibe '50s model works.

The OE20G however has a near-perfect execution of a gold finish. Gold body, darkened yellow plastics, and smartly keeps the metal portions chrome to prevent it from looking tacky.

The headstock is actually done right, looks-wise

On many Les Paul copies, the design fails at the headstock because that's where "I'm cheap" sticks out more than anywhere else. On the OE20G, that's not the case. It's done correct, and has very nice binding around it that looks proper.

It has "regular" humbuckers in it

Most gold Les Paul guitars are equipped with P90 pickups. Now in all honesty, I prefer that because it's a single-coil. But I know a lot of people don't and go for the humbuckers instead.

The OE20G is, as far as I know, the best cheap gold Les Paul with regular humbuckers in it.

It has trapezoid block inlays

A very easy thing to miss, but it's nice the fretboard has Gibson-style trapezoid block inlays on it. This is what most Les Paul players prefer. Granted, it's just for looks, but it is a very desirable look.

Some quick specs

The best part about the specs is the maple neck, meaning no mahogany flexing weirdness, and even as a set neck, the guitar should last for a good long time.

If you were looking for a good, cheap gold Les Paul with good hardware, this is your guitar - especially when you see the price.


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