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Creating a from-scratch beat on the BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-3, plus other notes

In the video above I show how to create a rhythm using a custom kit on the BOSS DR-3, and show how to do something almost nobody does (only because they don't know how), that being to record a swing-style beat.

Creating rhythm patterns using a standalone drum pattern sequencer like the DR-3, Akai XR20 or like machine is easy as long as you understand how a pattern sequencer works.

There are those of the belief that a PC is a requirement for pattern sequencing. Nope. Pattern sequencers have been around a very long time, and the vast majority of them can be controlled via MIDI if you want to use a separate controller (which is optional but not required).

Those who complain about a standalone pattern sequencer as being "too hard to use" only do so because they're already used to the utterly broken-beyond-belief interface that is the PC.

In other words, this whole "too hard to use" thing.. um.. no. The pattern sequencer was always easier and still is.

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