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Dirt cheap Jazz-Strat HSS... worth getting?


This sells for cheaper than a Squier Bullet Strat, and it might be exactly what you're looking for.

What you see above is a Monoprice Offset OS20. The guitar brand on the headstock says Indio. I've no idea who that is...

...and it doesn't matter, because the guitar is selling right now for $152.88 on Amazon. Yes, that means it qualifies for free shipping, so all you pay is tax on top of that.

Is it worth getting? It might be simply for the fact it has a Jazzmaster body (yes, with the contour cut in the rear) with HSS Strat electronics and a traditional style Strat trem system.

Is blue the only color? No. There is also sunburst. Same price as the blue, but I think the blue looks better.

It is the combination of Jazzmaster body + Stratocaster trem and electronics that makes it worth taking a risk on this thing.

Does it play well? I have no idea. Is the sound good? I have no idea. It might be crap. It might be great. Or it might be great after putting in a different set of pickups, different tuners, changing the nut and performing a fret leveling. And even if you did all those things, you are still well under $250 spent.

One thing cannot be denied, this is the cheapest way to get a Jazzmaster body with Strat electronics + Strat trem in it. Nothing else can touch it for the price.

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