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***Secret FSR Fender guitars? Yes, they exist, and they're right here

EART guitars are really stepping it up


I'm glad these guitars exist, and I'll tell you why.

Above is the EART Explorer-II. My kind of guitar? Not in the slightest, but I'm happy to see them.

The Explorer-II has stainless steel frets, ebony fingerboard, exotic veneer top, 9.5" to 14" fingerboard radius, 24-fret, custom pickups...

...and it's under $1,000. And in three finishes as you'll see on the link. All very exotic looking.

I can remember not-so long ago when axes like this sold for multiple thousands of dollars. The Explorer-II by EART, while not my style of guitar whatsoever, is something I can respect because it's a steal for what they're selling it for.

There are guitar companies right now charging upwards of $2,000 just to get a guitar with stainless steel frets on it. Never mind the ebony fingerboard. Never mind the custom pickups. Never mind the exotic veneer. Just getting those stainless steel frets is something other guitar makers charge thousands for just to get. EART sells it along with some other seriously highfalutin (and legit) stuff for under a grand.

So yeah, I can respect this instrument even if it's not my style of guitar.

I love the fact guitars like this exist at the price they're selling for, because it gives the middle finger to other guitar companies that grossly overcharge for this stuff.

Well done, EART.

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