Epiphone Wildkat Studio, "the other Wildkat"


This is the Wildkat most don't talk about but should.

When you do a search for Epiphone Wildkat guitars, you'll see special models like the Royale and maybe the Koa, but the two you will see the most are the original that had a nice long run from 1999-2019, and the second...

...the Wildkat Studio. This one had a much shorter run from 2016-2019.

The main difference between the original and the Studio model is the Studio has no vibrato system on it.

"So?", you may say.

Consider the fact the Wildkat Studio is, in essence, a semi-hollow P90 Les Paul. Then you understand why players should be considering getting one of these, especially for Les Paul guitar type fans.

The P90s in the Studio aren't just your run-of-the-mill type. They're the "dog ear" kind such as what's seen on the Gibson Les Paul Junior. In fact, it's actually better than the Gibson because you get two of them with the metal covers.

What you get with the Wildkat Studio is a very "spanky" tone, semi-hollow lightness, and some fairly decent P90 pickups...

..for cheap. And it's a darn good looker too.

Not a bad deal if you asked me. It's the best way to get a P90 Les Paul style semi-hollow guitar that needs no upgrades. This one is good to go. If you understand P90 tone, you know the Wildkat delivers.

Published 2024 Apr 4