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Guitar of the week #78 - ESP LGL200SBT (George Lynch Signature)

ESP LGL200SBT (George Lynch Signature)

This guitar is so stupid... why am I featuring it? I'll tell you why in a moment. What you need to know right now is that this is a LGL200SBT model, also known as the ESP LTD GL-200 SBT George Lynch Signature.

It's totally possible that some who read this have no idea who George Lynch is, so here's a quick rundown:

George Lynch was in an '80s hair metal band called Dokken and then in his own band called Lynch Mob which to the best of my knowledge still performs regularly.

I personally take no influence from George for my personal playing style because that's just not my thing.

There are two main reasons why the guitar shown above is stupid.

First, it just looks stupid. I remember when I first saw one of these in a guitar store a long time ago and honestly thought it was a joke. But it's not. The infamous tiger stripe is what George likes, supposedly. And that reverse "hockey stick" headstock... yuck.

Second, the guitar represents everything about guitar playing I wish would die and go away forever. Shredding, glam metal, a refusal to let the '80s go... all of that is represented by the Lynch guitar. I just hate it.

So anyway, some quick specs for you. The guitar is obviously designed to be a hard rockin', fast playin' beast. Basswood body, 3-piece neck with a thin U-shape, extra-flat 14" fretboard radius, 22 extra-jumbo size frets for easy soloing, ESP-designed pickups, Floyd-Rose Special tremolo system.

This axe is definitely designed as a soloist guitar. One knob, two pickups. How do you switch between the pickups? The lone knob is a push/pull.

I will admit that this guitar looks very nice in person. The tiger stripe finish definitely turns heads, that's for sure.

Why am I featuring this stupid guitar?

One reason. Price.

For as long as I've been playing guitar, I've seen ESP Lynch models in guitar stores. And they've always been expensive. I can remember them commanding a hefty price tag back in the day.

This one, however, sells for a very reasonable price. Dare I say, it's almost cheap.

Some guitar players have always wanted a Lynch guitar but could never afford one. Well, you can afford this one.

BONUS: "Kamikaze" model

ESP LTD GL200K Kamikaze

This is the other style of guitar fans of Lynch signature models like, and it's called the GL200K model.

Same price as the Tiger Stripe version? Yes. Same price, same specs.

Which do I like better? I actually think the Kamikaze model has a cooler look to it. Not as famous (infamous?) as the Tiger Stripe, but not a bad look... not that I'd ever own one.

But hey, if you like these Lynch models, get yourself one. These are the best prices I've ever seen for these specific models. It's LTD-branded so it doesn't have the super-duper high-grade luthier quality of the ESP custom shop, but you can't expect that for the low prices these models sell for. You will however get the real deal metal machine that a Lynch signature guitar is supposed to be.


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