Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH is a steal


Once you know what this has, you'll want one.

The Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH is obviously a modern take on a Telecaster. As such, it really wasn't a model that took off and most people gave it a miss.

Make no mistake, this is a high-end Telecaster. The top is carved. The finish is transparent to show off the flamed wood with matching headcap. The neck has binding with graphite nut, and fret markers are abalone. It's loaded with Seymour Duncan pickups ('59 neck and Pearly Gates bridge) from the factory, and with push-pull to bring out the single-coil tones.

But hang on, there's one more thing. Two, actually:


This is a set neck Telecaster with belly cut in the rear.


There's only one thing "bad" about it, but not bad as far as I'm concerned. It has a super-flat 15.75" fingerboard radius. That is literally the only thing I could pick out that anybody would take issue with.

Otherwise, people are still giving this guitar a miss and I don't know why. You can easily find these things south of $650 in barely-used condition when you look around. And look around you should because this modern Tele is really packed with some seriously good stuff.

Published 2023 Sep 12