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Fender waterslide decal replica - is it wrong?

Fender waterslide decal replica

In my possession I do I have a replica Fender waterslide decal. I do intend to use it at some point.

I have not used it yet because I still have to source a neck that is good enough to my liking, because once this label goes on, it obviously can't come off.

On my gear page you'll see that I own a 1993 USA Fender Stratocaster. I am the original owner of the guitar, but the neck is broken beyond repair (truss rod issues.) In the early '90s, Fender was still using a silver "transition" logo with black outline, so a while back I ordered a replica decal to put on another neck.

Do I ever intend on selling the guitar once the new neck and decal are applied? No. The '93 Strat was an 18th birthday present from my father so it is never getting sold. Not happening. In fact, one day I will in fact take the original neck (yes, I still have it) and have someone with the necessary skills take out the old truss rod, install a new one, refret whole thing, install a new nut, and so on. Basically, the entire neck needs a full restoration. And that's not exactly cheap, so I'll do it when I have the cash.

For now, a non-Fender replacement neck with the logo I bought will do once I source a neck I like.

Why not buy a new Fender USA replacement neck?

I could buy a new USA Fender neck right now. 100% legal, 100% legitimate, 100% correct...

...except the logo doesn't match what was originally on the guitar.

As I said above, the original logo is the '90s silver with black outline, and Fender does not sell a replacement neck that has that specific era of logo. The three types available at the time of this writing are black transition logo, spaghetti logo and '70s era gold with black outline. The '90s silver with black outline is not available.

Yeah, I could have just installed a neck with the wrong Fender logo type and nobody would have cared, but I care. And it's more important to me to have the correct 1990s logo treatment because that's how the guitar is supposed to look.

Am I splitting hairs with this? Yes. But it matters to me.

Is it wrong to use a replica decal?

My answer to this is, "Only if you intend to sell the guitar as a fake Fender."

Mine will never be sold, so my conscience is clear.

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