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Forbidden Planet 1956 - it's awesome


This movie may be almost 65 years old, but truly great old movies defy their age.

I just recently saw Forbidden Planet for the first time. This is, obviously, a science fiction flick.

This movie predates Star Wars, Star Trek and even 2001: A Space Odyssey.

You can buy this movie if you want a super high quality Blu-ray version, but you can also stream or download it totally for free on The Internet Archive right here. Although if you want reproduction movie poster, that's not free but totally worth getting just because it looks so cool.

The entire reason I even watched this in the first place is because it features Leslie Nielsen when he was only 30 years old. Yeah, the guy from The Naked Gun movies. Same dude.

However, I very quickly forgot about that because of how amazing this film is; I totally got taken in by it.

It's not that the storyline is unbelievably good or anything like that. Rather, it's just incredible seeing what Hollywood did with science fiction back in the mid-1950s to make it work. And make it work they did.

The film starts off feeling a bit claustrophobic because it begins inside a spaceship. But then after landing on the planet, things open up. And then later on when taken underground, things really open up. It's incredible the feeling of bigness this movie gives off.

The characters were likeable, and enough was given so I knew the purpose of each. And while things do get exposition heavy in some points, it doesn't ruin the movie.

Altaira Morbius is the only weird character because there are times when I don't know what her angle is supposed to be. I know what her purpose is, but her angle takes some sharp changes as the movie goes along that confuses me a bit; this is something I blame on 1950s movie storytelling.

The best part about this movie where the story is concerned is when you find out who the villain actually is, because it actually makes you think and look inward.

The best part is about the sound is that the soundtrack is 100% electronic. No music and no orchestra heard at all. Supposedly, this was done to save cost of production, but it just adds to the movie's mystique. Sometimes the absence of certain sounds can be very effective, and this movie certainly proves that.

Given the amount of sci-fi movies I've seen over the years, it's real easy to pick out scene styles in Forbidden Planet that other movies made after it used. It's almost like this movie was made as a template for how sci-fi space movies are supposed to look. Well, everything except for Robby The Robot. That character is an ultra-1950s thing, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Yeah, I liked this movie. It's a good watch.

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