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Garmin nuvi 255W firmware v5.7 update is must-have

Over the past few weeks my nüvi 255W was having problems getting a GPS signal. It was so bad that the signal would drop right out, or at best I'd get a 90 to 150 foot accuracy resolution.

Garmin finally released a firmware update to fix this (which you can update via WebUpdater or myDashboard in myGarmin.) One of the notes for firmware v5.7 release stated:

Fixed an issue which could cause poor GPS reception.

Didn't say what issue it fixed specifically, but whatever, that's good enough for me.

After applying the update, this is the resolution I now get:


That's proper. Whenever you get a resolution of 20 feet or better (the lower the number the better the accuracy,) you're doing awesome.

For those that wonder why this matters at all, when your "Accuracy" is in check, the unit performs a whole lot better and faster. Screen draws/redraws and route calculations are faster, turn notifications are more accurate, etc. All of it runs like a well-oiled machine when the unit has a nice strong GPS signal.

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