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gmc cap

I bought this cap in Newport Maine for several reasons:

  1. I need a cap to wear when I don't feel like combing my hair (hey that rhymes).
  2. My previous cap had the Boston Red Sox logo on it, and I got absolutely sick and tired of people asking me about the 'Sox. I basically know nothing about baseball and I only wore the cap because it's a Massachusetts thing (I'm from there originally). Just because someone wears a 'Sox cap does not mean they know anything about baseball. I know very little about it. If you asked me what a DH (designated hitter) is, I still couldn't tell you.
  3. If you wear a 'Sox cap in Florida, you look like a tourist. I'm not a tourist. I live here.
  4. I own a GMC truck (2005 GMC Canyon).
  5. I like cars and trucks, however, if you wear a "Ford" cap, Chevy people comment on it. If you wear a "Chevy" cap, Ford people comment on it and so on.

The GMC cap is great because no one asks you about it. People recognize the "g-mac" logo, but it's not anything that's too conversation-worthy, and that's good.

Or so I thought.

I was at the local Publix earlier today getting some groceries and was waiting in line at the checkout. An older Japanese man in front of me who spoke fairly good English said "You like GMC trucks?"

(Oh sheez..) Yes, I own one.

..and then complemented how wonderful American cars and trucks are very sincerely. He went on about it for a few minutes in the checkout line. What was weird is that he was actually complaining about Japanese cars, saying that domestics were built better and last longer. To date, this is the first time I've ever heard anyone say anything negative about Japanese cars, much less from someone who's actually Japanese(!)

The guy actually some interesting points.

I guess sometimes you need a little eye-opener like the conversation I had to make you realize how good we have it in the USA when it comes to our cars and trucks.

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