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Casio G-SHOCK models I actually like

Casio G-SHOCK GD350-1C

Yes, there are actually a few G-SHOCK models I think are good.

There are a ton of Casio G-SHOCK models out there, and most of them are terrible. And by that I mean they're either too big and/or just look stupid. I'm not saying the quality of a G-SHOCK is bad, because any of them can withstand monster amounts of punishment. It's just the look and bulk I take issue with.

Every now and then, Casio does release a G-SHOCK that both looks good and is of a reasonable size.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Casio G-SHOCK DW5600E
Casio G-SHOCK DW5600E

This is what is now considered a "retro" design since it patterns after what the first G-SHOCK models looked like. It's one of the lowest priced models, but for many it's the perfect watch.

Casio G-SHOCK GWM5610-1
Casio G-SHOCK GWM5610-1

Looks very similar to the DW5600E but has several more features that includes atomic timekeeping (it automatically synchronizes itself), solar power, 20 bar water resistance and so on. Believe me, there are several good reasons why this particular model is priced higher than then 5600.

Casio G-SHOCK GD350-1C
Casio G-SHOCK GD350

One of the most legible displays on a G-SHOCK you'll ever see. Packed with features including an uncommon one: a vibration alarm. While true you can get a cheap W735H that features the vibration alarm, it's not a G-SHOCK and built nowhere near as good nor does it boast a feature set as extensive as the GD350 has.


Analog-digi with atomic timekeeping. Very nice. Also solar powered, has neo-brite lume on the hands and markers and has a backlight on top of that and 31 time zones, 5 daily alarms, stopwatch and countdown timer. Oh yeah, this thing is loaded with goodies.

Casio G-SHOCK G9000-1V
Casio G-SHOCK G9000-1V

This one is a "Mudman" model, as that is plainly stated on the dial. Despite having a large case it wears small and fits smaller wrists easily. Tons of goodies in this one. Too many to list.

What's my pick?

Out of the 5 above, I like the Mudman best. To my eye it has the right blend of round + angled and a feature set I would genuinely get good use out of.

Will I ever buy a G-SHOCK?

At some point in the future I might. I do like that a G-SHOCK can take an incredible amount of abuse easily. It's also one of the few watches you can take in the ocean and simply not worry about whether it can handle it. It can, and easily.

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