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Guitar of the week #98 - Guild T-Bird ST P90

Guild T-Bird ST P90 Pelham Blue

This bird sings.

There may be some of you who already know of the Guild S-200 T-Bird. This guitar, the ST P90 version, is based off the S-200 but is more simplified. There are fewer switches and no vibrato. While I do like the S-200, I find the simplicity of the ST P90 to be the better player's guitar.

My only complaint about this guitar is that it looks awful in photos.

When seen on video (and in person), that's when this guitar looks a whole lot better:

If you're wondering whether or not this guitar has neck dive, I already know it doesn't because of the top horn. Notice how it goes over the 12th fret; that is the sign the guitar body was designed right and will not dive.

The pickups in this guitar are a pair of Franz P90s, described by Guild as "perfect for the player looking for that crisp, vintage, single-coil sound, offering plenty of mid-range output that can be driven to a soaring classic rock tone."

What does that mean? It means an above-average P90 pickup with good output that is voiced properly for what it is.

Is this guitar a reissue? Yes and no. The S-200 is absolutely a reissue of the same Guild guitar built between 1964 and 1968. The ST P90 has the shape but is not the reissue like the S-200 is. However, as I noted above, I believe the ST P90 is the better player's guitar.

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