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Guitar of the week #48 - Danelectro "The 64"

Danelectro The 64

Weird, wacky and cool. But not cheap.

The last time I saw a Mosrite clone was the Jay Turser Mosman, which evidently is now called the "Venture Mach 1." That guitar has a mid-tier price.

The Danelectro The 64 has an upper-mid-tier price tag, currently sitting between the price of a Mexico Strat and and an American Strat.

So the question is basically this: Is the Danelectro made better than the Jay Turser?

I don't know for sure - but I can tell you this: The Danelectro does use better parts. Right up front you can see a true Bigsby vibrato on the Dan. It might be a "licensed" Bigsby (meaning imported,) but still, it's a Bigsby. That's a step in the right direction.

The color choices are also better with Danelectro and do look more period correct.

My only knock against the Dan is the pickup covers. The rear is a double-lipstick tube and the front is a P90-style. Personally, I would prefer it if both pickups were the P90 style.

Why is the double-lipstick humbucker in the rear? That's a Danelectro thing as they use lipstick tubes often in their electric guitars.

Other than the rear pickup styling, the Dan looks real nice for what it is. The guitar appears to have been designed with care, and I even like the "64" circled number on the headstock. Nice touch. (It's right after the "o" in "Danelectro".)

In photos, it would appear the Danelectro The 64 has the edge in several places over the Jay Turser Mosman. When you compare them side by side, you'll start to see things that warrant the Dan's higher price tag.

I think for a Mosrite clone, Danelectro appears to have done a fine job.

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