Help with guitar setup (it's more than just adjustments)

Nut slot is too low

I suggest watching YouTube videos on this first so you can identify whether your guitar has this issue or not. Just search "low nut slot" and you'll find it.

My way of fixing a low nut slow however is different compared to most.

Note: I make no claim this is the correct way to do this. This is my way and it works for me.

Mask off nut both in the front and back.

Using superglue, put a very small drop in the slot. It will sink into it pretty much instantly. Excess will spill on to the masking tape. If any excess spills on top of the nut however, wipe away with a paper towel.

Let the glue cure for at least 30 minutes. Superglue cures a lot faster than that, but best to give it time just to be sure.

After curing, take off the tape and string up the guitar. If the slot height is correct, you're done. If it's still too low, repeat process. Tape the front and back, add more glue, let cure, try again until the proper height is achieved.

If the slot gets too high, this is when you take out your nut file set. File the slot down lightly, then string up again. Keep doing this until the proper slot height is achieved.

Fixing a high fret

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This is my way of fixing a single high fret. If you're going to level a bunch of frets using a fret leveling beam, you need a notched straight edge to ensure the neck is flat before you do that. For fixing a single fret, you don't need the notched straight edge.

Take off the strings, then take your fret rocker and identify where the high fret is. If you don't know how to use a fret rocker, just search YouTube for "how to use a fret rocker". It's easy.

Mask off either side of the fret.

If the fret is really high and there's very pronounced clicking happening when using the fret rocker, give a few passes using the 220 grit sandpaper first. However, if there's just slight clicking, start with 400 grit instead.

Sand, and periodically test with the fret rocker. When the clicking is gone, you're almost done. Your fret is all nicked up now from sanding. This is when you give a few light passes with the 600 grit, then the 1000 grit, then finally polish using 0000 steel wool.

When done, take off the tape, string up and play happy.

Published 2020 Nov 12