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Guitar of the week #80 - Hagstrom Super Swede Special Run

Hagstrom Super Swede in Champagne Sparkle

This is truly a swingin' axe.

What we have here is a Hagstrom guitar, a brand you've probably heard of before. This one in particular however is one in a finish called Champagne Sparkle, and it's got the shiny hardware to match.

This single-cutaway shape certainly won't be confused with a Gibson Les Paul because of the extra chrome bits on the body, distinctive headstock shape, and distinctive tuner buttons.

Think of this guitar as to what would happen if you put Gibson and Gretsch design together, as this guitar does take design cues from each and makes it work quite well.

Is the body and neck bound? Yes.

Does the sparkle finish cover the entire body both for the front and back? Yes.

Are the pickups real-deal P90s? Yes.

Quick specs

Remember, this is a Hagstrom, so this is good stuff.

Like I said, you do get the good stuff when you buy Hagstrom.

The Swedes know how to build guitars

Hagstrom is a Swedish brand and they've been around since 1958 if you can believe it. If you know this brand at all, you're probably thinking, "Wait a minute. I thought Super Swede models only came with humbuckers". Ordinarily, yes they do. But the one pictured at top is a special run model in Champagne Sparkle with P90s...

...meaning if you like the champagne colored one at top, get it now while it's still available.

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