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How to "convert" a P90 to sound like a Stratocaster single-coil pickup

Above is a video where I show how to get a P90 single-coil pickup to have "Stratocaster characteristics" by adjusting the pickup pole piece heights.

Obviously, the P90 can't sound exactly like a Strat single-coil because it doesn't have the same treble response, but the point is that you can get a Strat-like sound out of one if you want to.

A video really doesn't give you what it actually sounds like when you do this minor modification. I had to describe it as "subtle" because on video, it is subtle. But when you hear it in person, it's much more obvious. Sometimes the audio from a video really doesn't give you the complete picture, so to speak, and this is one of those times.

The entire reason there are pickups with adjustable pole pieces is so you can, y'know, actually adjust them. But nobody does even though it's an easy feature to get even on cheap guitars like the Les Paul I own seen in the video above.

I do plan on keeping the poles for the rhythm pickup on my Les Paul in staggered formation, because it really does bring out a Strat tone I'm more familiar with.

If you don't hear the difference between flat-pole and staggered-pole in the above video, that's fine because like I said, in the video it's a very subtle change in sound. But I like it and plan on keeping the guitar configured that way.

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