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I am geek

It's that time once again in life where I have to post an affirmation, that being yes, I am geek.

What does this exactly mean?

This can best be described from people who get to know me personally and ask what I do.

When one asks what I do, and I tell them, I either get a disinterested or interested response. It's always black-or-white with no gray area to speak of.

The disinterested can go pound sand as far as I'm concerned. They have regular jobs, boring lives and only look forward to getting drunk every weekend and nothing more. That is the pinnacle of their existence. I do not connect with people like that at all. Maybe they once had goals and dreams, but completely gave up on them. People like that annoy the crap out of me.

The interested are the kind of folks I gravitate towards. They use internet a lot and moreover do things with it. Whether it's eBay'ing, Facebook'ing, Twitter'ing, blogging or what-have-you, there is an interest. A common ground. I become fast friends with people like this.

The disinterested crowd rarely if ever meets new people. They have their little circle of friends (most of whom they can't stand) and never venture outside of that. Then they complain that life sucks. Ironic? Yes.

The interested crowd are far more open minded and do not fear the world like the disinterested ones do. They are willing to venture out. Meet new people. Go places. Do things. That's my kind of people.

Are you geek? If yes, then you're my kind of people. If not, you do nothing but serve to get in my way. Bug off.

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