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this may save me over $400

One gripe I've had about the Garmin StreetPilot c340 since day one is that the screen glares like crazy when the sun hits it, making it almost unreadable. Especially in Florida sun. Now while it's true Garmin has (oh-so conveniently enough) introduced the c5* series which has a "daylight readable screen", I didn't exactly want to spend over 400 bucks just for a screen.

The solution is to get a visor. I found one on eBay that was selling for sixteen bucks. Yes, I know it's way too expensive just for a visor, but when you consider that it's either pony up the sixteen or spend 400+ for a new unit, the sixteen seems like a much better option. 🙂

I have no idea whether this will work or not, but I figured it was worth the sixteen to find out. If it does in fact do what it claims (as in "dramatically reduce glare and increase visibility"), then hey, good deal, I won't have to buy a new StreetPilot. And if not, well, I won't cry a river over losing sixteen bucks. 🙂

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