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I love cheap computers


There are only 5 of these at the time I write this.

Renewed Dell, quad core i5, 8GB RAM, 500GB storage, two 22-inch LCD monitors, Windows 10...

...under $170.

That's my kind of computer.

I don't know if the storage is HDD or SSD, but even if it's HDD, SSD is real cheap now.

If I needed a tower PC right now, oh yeah, I'd buy this. Most people would keep the Windows 10 installation, but I'd just dump that and install Linux (which I'm still using daily by the way). Linux loves Dell business PCs because if it's a distro like Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, EVERYTHING is detected easily on first install with no fuss whatsoever. That's actually a really good reason to get a cheap business Dell tower box.

This is not the kind of PC you game on. Yeah, technically it can do it with some upgrades, but it's better suited for people that just want a reliable cheap computer box. Again, the only thing I'd upgrade is a bump from HDD to SSD if that's the storage media it comes with. Okay, and maybe a bump to 16GB RAM since it comes with 8GB (also dirt cheap).

Cheap PCs are awesome. This thing is ready-to-run and would easily last 5 to 7 years if not 10 or more.

Published 2024 Jan 30

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