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The coolest Ibanez guitar of 2018

Ibanez AX230T

And would you believe it's under $400?

Believe it. Above is an Ibanez AX230T in Metallic Forest, and wow does this guitar get a lot of things right.

First, you see something ordinarily only seen on "Black Beauty" Les Paul guitars, three humbuckers. If you look closely, you'll see the bridge side pickup has the adjustable poles positioned back while the other two are positioned front. This is correct.

Second is a Bigby-style vibrato system with "butter knife" arm. Also cool.

All the controls are placed out-of-the-way of the player so you never hit them while strumming. Very nice.

Green guitars are usually awful, but not this one. It's just the right shade and the metallic flake along with the pearloid pick guard really sets it off right.

Block inlays and bound fingerboard. Easy to miss, but it's there.

The front strap button is at the PROPER position at the tip of the top horn. No neck dive here.

Roller bridge? YES! This keeps the string in tune better.

I mentioned the Black Beauty Les Paul above. If you can imagine that with a Bisgby vibrato, that's basically what this Ibanez is - except it costs WAY less yet you still get a quality guitar.

This is without a doubt the coolest Ibanez of 2018. Yes, there are plenty of more expensive Ibanez models out there, but few as cool as this one.

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