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If you haven't tried a guitar pick variety pack, you should


A pick I never would have bought outright is one I actually like.

Every now and then I will try new guitar things just to see how I feel about them. My latest venture into this was something very simple, the Dunlop Variety Pack of guitar picks.

Ordinarily, I play medium thickness celluloid picks, i.e. the "flappy" kind. The sound I get from those works for my playing style and I just like the feel of them.

Out of the entire variety pack, the one I liked the most was the Dunlop Ultex Sharp 2.0.

The last time I tried Ultex picks, I didn't like them. But for whatever reason, a 2mm thick version of it actually feels great to play with. The pick has barely any give (it will bend but not easily) but the sound I get from it is good.

Before trying this pick, I never would have bought a 2mm thick pick. I usually stay firmly within the 0.70mm to 0.90mm thicknesses. But this 2mm in particular felt right. I also never liked a sharp tip pick before either. But I liked the Ultex 2.0...

...and it was all because of the variety pack of picks. Had the Ultex not been in there, I probably never would have tried another.

If you haven't tried a variety pack of picks lately, get a pack. It showed me that thick sharp-tip Ultex picks is something I can actually work with. I'm not saying that's the one you'll like, but you may have a similar experience where a certain pick you wouldn't think would work for you actually does.

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