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Installing USB ports in a house the easy way


It's becoming increasingly necessary to do this...

...and I don't consider that a bad thing.

Above is a USB wall charger with outlet extender, see them all here. You get 5 conventional power outlets 3 USB ports and 1 USB-C port for powering/charging stuff. This could be complemented with some USB-C cables.

Installation of one of these is stupidly easy. Unscrew the center post for a standard two-outlet plate, push on the USB wall charger, screw in the center post, done. The only tool you need is a small screwdriver for that center post.

And believe me, yes, it's necessary to use that center post so the wall charger stays put. Don't skip that part.

Best to get used to USB-C now

The reason? Spec 2.1 of USB-C can support 240 watts. The previous spec was 100 watts.

Even if you can't bump to USB-C v2.1 and have to use the 100-watt spec, get the wall charger anyway because it's cheap and overall better than using a USB hub or your computer to charge/power stuff with.

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