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Jackson really needs to make a low-cost Dominion guitar

Jackson Dominion

This is a Jackson Dominion guitar. And it wouldn't surprise me if you've never heard about it.

Jackson has, if you can believe it, 13 different body shapes available for guitars. Soloist, Dinky, Rhoads, King V, Juggernaut, Monarkh, Baritone, Warrior, Demmelition, San Dimas, Star, Warrior, and the one you probably never heard about until reading this, Dominion.

The reason you've never heard of the Dominion is because a) Jackson only has 3 models of it available, b) the price for one starts at around $750, c) Jackson is absolutely not known for curvy guitar body shapes so guitarists don't go looking for it, and d) I've never seen one in a guitar store. Not in Guitar Center nor Sam Ash nor any other.

Where did the Dominion come from?

This guitar has been around since 2007(!) as far as I can tell. It's Mark Morton's signature model. No idea who Mark Morton is? I didn't either. He's the guitar player for the metal band Lamb of God.

What are the specs of a Dominion?

It has a 24.75" scale (like a Les Paul), 12-to-16 inch compound radius fingerboard, medium jumbo fret wire, and a 1.6875" wide nut width. Pickups are described are DiMarzio "Mark Morton Signature," whatever that means.

Jackson really needs to release a sub-$500 version of the Dominion

I look at the Dominion and am annoyed by it. Jackson has this cool curvy shape that's "locked in" to being a signature-only guitar. That lock should be broken immediately and work begun on a low-cost run of these.

How low-cost am I talking about? Ideally, similar to the JS22 Dinky model. Something introductory that's priced low with basic no-frills hardware.

The Dominion shape is too good to be where it is right now. I see this guitar, I like it, I'm 100% sure other guitar players would like it too, but presently it can't be bought by most people because the price is too high.

Jackson, please, get a low-cost version of this guitar released and get it in Guitar Center.

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