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Guitar of the week #77 - Jackson Pro Series Rhoads RRT-3

Jackson Pro Series RRT-3

The best looking V style guitar ever to exist? Yes.

Seen above is a Jackson Pro Series Rhoads RRT-3 model, and it's priced below that of a Fender American Standard Stratocaster.

I don't claim for one second that this guitar has the best sound, the best action, the best vibrato system or the best stability...

...but it is the best looking V guitar ever made.

The interesting thing about this particular look is that on any other guitar it would look terrible. White + black pinstripe + gold hardware doesn't work on any guitar except this one. I can't even tell you why it works other than it just does.

Some guitars are very age-specific. For example, a big hollow body electric like the Gretsch G2420 looks stupid in the hands on a teenager the same as any Ibanez JEM looks stupid in the hands of old guys...

...but for some strange reason, this Rhoads V dressed up as seen above escapes being tied to a specific age group.

Would I ever own one? If I had the disposable cash to spend on it, yes I would. It's just a cool guitar with a rock-and-roll attitude dressed up in a tuxedo. A weird combo, to be sure, but again, the look just works.

Also, on a final note, I have owned a Rhoads style V shape guitar before, and it is without question the best-balanced out of all the V shapes. It's lightweight and there is no neck dive. That's as good as it gets with a V shape guitar.

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