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Looks like a really expensive guitar


Guitars that look like this usually sell for thousands of dollars. This one is way, way less than that.

The above guitar is an Eart Explorer-1. Never heard of it? Neither had I until just recently.

This guitar has stuff in it that sounds really fancy, such as:

...and so on. It also has a butternut top and the very luxurious looking purple treatment throughout.

Again, I have seen guitars like this that sell for thousands. This is the kind of stuff builders will usually bring to NAMM just to show off.

But this guitar doesn't cost thousands. It's not $750. It's not $500.

It's $290.

I had a chuckle when I saw that. Why? Because when you take away all the hype and that "hand crafted" nonsense (because it's just oh-so hard sweating away at a CNC machine,) what you're left with is a $300 guitar.

In other words, this guitar is priced EXACTLY what it is worth.

Should you buy it? Yes! Skip the multi-thousand dollar garbage and get this instead! It looks really, really expensive and that's the whole point!

Would this be a good player? Actually, yes it would. It does have a nice design to it both for front and back, and will not exhibit any neck dive with the shape it uses.

This is something you can show off, say you spent thousands on it and everybody will believe you. You can even have fun with this when a friend asks to play it. "Be careful... this thing is really expensive", all the while knowing you paid less than $300 for it.

Much fun could be had with this cheap guitar.

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