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Making lemonade

A shocking statistic: The majority of internal combustion engines used in most cars burn fuel at only 35% efficiency. Sad. What this means is that most of the fuel burnt never fully burns itself, resulting in emissions coming out the tailpipe.

A problem with engines has always been that the fuel has never been used to its maximum efficiency. This is more or less why pollution from cars exists to begin with.

But maybe not.

Enter into the fray a Hydrogen Generating Module. This is the best thing I've seen since... ever? It's a small unit that attaches to any existing engine. It uses distilled water and some other chemicals to create hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis, which is then fed into the intake manifold. So what does this do? It allows the fuel being burnt to mix with what's created by the H2N-Gen and burn WAY cleaner - so clean that the tailpipe of a car doesn't get hot even after an hour of driving. This means almost no emissions are coming out of the tailpipe at all.


This is a very real thing. Even if you're not a car person, read all about it. This could very well revolutionize the entire car industry.

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