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Why does the Fender FA-100 guitar pack sell so well?

Fender FA-100

How can something so simple be such a hot seller?

Let's find out.

In the entirety of the Amazon web site, the only major brand guitar that shows up is the Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar Bundle. This bundles comes with the guitar, gig bag, strap, strings, tuner, instructional DVD and polish cloth. When you want a guitar pack that comes with everything you need, this is it.

Now of course, one of the major selling factors is price. It's cheap. But fortunately, the FA-100 is cheap and good. It's also designed right.

Scale length is 25.3", fingerboard radius is 11.81" on a 20-fret neck, nut width is 1.65", fret size is described as "vintage style," truss rod is dual-action, bone nut is compensated (this keeps the guitar in tune better across more chords,) tuners are die-cast and chromed. The back and sides are basswood but the top is spruce, giving the guitar a "snappy" tone that's bright and projects well enough.

The best selling point of the FA-100, other than price, is that this is a genuinely well-built instrument that can take a beating. The dual-action truss rod will keep the neck bow set, the die-cast tuners will hold tune properly and the compensated nut will make just about every chord played sound the way it's supposed to, more so than other acoustics in the FA-100's price range.

My only complaints about the guitar are very small ones, and not really complaints.

The string gauge installed to the guitar from the factory is 12-52, which for my fingers is too heavy even though it's billed as "light" gauge. Fortunately this is very easy to change as I would just take off the strings and install the "extra light" 10-48 Fender 60XL set instead. Easy enough.

The guitar does not come with a string cutter nor string winder with peg puller. The string cutter is easy to understand as you need something to clip strings when changing them. The winder with peg puller is something that most beginners don't know they need. In order to change the strings, you need to physically pull the white pegs (also known as bridge pins) out of the body once the strings are clipped. Doing this with fingers can be done but it's very annoying to do it that way. A winder with the peg puller is much easier and the proper way to get those pegs out so you can change strings.

Other than those two very minor complaints, I can totally understand why the FA-100 guitar bundle sells as well as it does. It's a genuinely good dreadnought acoustic that's built well and priced right. In fact, it's priced so well that it's actually better than buying used.

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