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A genuinely good idea, Mojo Grip pick


All the grip with no sacrifice.

To note up front, this comes in a bunch of different thicknesses with both celluloid and delrin options. You're covered here.

I switch back and forth between celluloid and delrin picks, which for me means Fender 351 and Dunlop Tortex.

With the Fender 351, I get the nice "bite", similar to if I were pulling on the strings and snapping them back to the fretboard. With the Dunlop Tortex, that stays in the hand and there is no danger of it slipping away from sweat.

With the Fender Mojo Grip, now it appears you can have both.

To answer the question of whether the grip is removable, yes it is, meaning it can be reused with other picks of 351 size.

How long does that rubber grip last? That I don't know, but I'd assume for a good long time before the rubber starts wearing out.

I plan on getting some of these just to see if my picking hand can get along with the grip or not. They're definitely worth a try.


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