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My mild obsession with pens and pencils


I think I may have a problem with this.

Some years ago I decided to start writing notes again, and since then I have bought way too many pens and pencils in an attempt to find the perfect writing instrument.

My current pen of choice is Bic Cristal. Yes, it is a very light and smooth-writing pen... but possibly too smooth? I'm still trying to figure that part out.

Also in the photo above is a Ticonderoga pencil (admittedly a very good pencil) and Bic 4-Color.

Prior to these I went through my Pilot pen phase, which included the G2, V5 and V7. I also tried PaperMate Profile too, which I might try again since the one I had is the "bold" 1.4mm type when the 1.0mm medium point would probably be better.

What I have determined is that blue ink pens are my favorite. I've tried a bunch of different colors, but blue is just what I like best.

I've also determined that clicky (i.e. retractable) pens, while nice, do add weight that I don't always like and seem to run out of ink quicker than capped pens.

Gel pens I will not do. I keep smudging ink whenever I use those.

Have I ever bought one of those highfalutin expensive pens? No. But I might try Bic Soft Feel next.

I guess do obsess over this a bit.

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