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My new favorite clicky pen


I liked these so much that I bought a 24-pack of them, and it wasn't easy to get these things.

Recently I was given a pen, a Zebra Z Grip that came out of a pack like this where the majority of them were black ink with a couple that had blue ink. Just your regular style retractible ball point pen with 1.0mm tip size, i.e. medium size.

And oh my God did I like that pen. I wanted more, but only in blue because blue ink is all I use.

Well, that presented a problem. Everybody locally has either the black-ink-only version or the combo pack like I mentioned a moment ago. All I wanted was blue.

I did find the all-blue pen pack eventually, but had to go to an office store just to get it. And I was forced to buy it as a 24-pack even though I totally don't need that many pens. But I'm okay with that.

You can, of course, find these online in a more reasonable 12-pack size. That is actually what I wanted, but the local store had the 24-pack I could get right then and there, so I went for it. No regrets even though it's unlikely I'll ever use them all.

I do like this pen enough to where I might try the highfalutin metal barrel version. Fancy pants indeed.

Life is too short to use a crappy pen, so I might go for that later.

Published 2023 Aug 31

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