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my smiling mug / water goodness

Whoever said that what you'd never use what you learned in college was incorrect, because sometime this week (given upon the speed of completion) I will be conducting two reviews, as in real live in-person reviews, which will be placed on a web site later. I'm the script guy, storyboard guy, director guy and finalizer-for-the-web guy. Should be fun.

My only constraint (due to the average attention span of joe/jane internet user) is that the pieces I do cannot exceed five minutes. This is fine, save for the fact I have to cram as much as I can into that timeframe without sounding like an auctioneer. 🙂

This will be the second time that I will be putting my knowledge of video'ing and writing to good use. I'm looking forward to it.


I have just about given up (by choice) drinking sugary drinks completely. My choice of drink these days is flavored water if it's available or plain water. I like the Dasani drinks a lot and Zephyrhills (I had to look at the bottle to spell that) also.

Part of the reason I switched to water is because I gain weight due to what I drink. I drink a lot more than I eat. Even though I really like Hawaiian Punch, the sugar content and calories pile up pretty quick.

A single eight ounce serving of Hawaiian Punch has eighty calories and nineteen grams of sugar. Yes, nineteen.

Dasani (or any other brand) water: Zero calories, zero sugar.

My only gripe about buying store-bought water is that it's difficult at best to find the flavored ones (like lemon or berry) in packs of six or twelve. If you want the unflavored stuff, it's everywhere. But the flavored is nowhere to be found save for single bottle purchases (and that's expensive).

I mean, as long as I'm drinking this stuff I'd like it to have a little flavor to it. Is that too much to ask? 🙂

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