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Original TIE Fighter DOS intro

TIE Fighter was an MS-DOS based video game released in 1994. To me it was one of the best space games ever made because it was so well done. It was so far ahead of any other game of its type back when it was released. Nothing came close to it. The game was a blast to play and to date was the only game I ever truly enjoyed playing via a joystick.

On YouTube I noticed there were absolutely no videos showing anything about TIE Fighter. I got excited about this because I knew I was going to be the first to do so. So I quickly slapped together a video using DOSBox. I actually used the original installation files from the floppy diskettes back from '94.

Based on the YouTube comments in the video to date, many other old-school gamers absolutely adored this game. You can play this game for hours and hours and not be bored. It's got great story, great battle-play, great replay-ability and it's just plain fun.

Since posting this video there have been several other TIE videos that sprouted up.

But I was first. 🙂

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