I drank 3 liters of water a day for a week, and here's what happened

bottled water

There are a few water challenges out there. I took the "drink 3 liters a day challenge", and this is how things went.

Choosing the challenge

The two most known water drinking challenges are drinking 3 liters a day and drinking a gallon a day. And by gallon, I mean a USA measurement gallon, which is 3.79 liters.

I decided to go with the 3 liter challenge for two reasons.

First, drinking a gallon of water a day just seemed ridiculous.

Second, the 3 liter is easier not only because it's less water, but because the standard bottled water size is 500ml, which is 1/2 liter. This means 6 bottles a day is 3 liters. Easy to measure.


Drinking water is something I was already doing, but even before I started with the 3 liter challenge, I realized that drinking 6 bottles a day means an entire 24-pack of water would be gone in 4 days.

My preference for bottled water is Aquafina brand, and the lowest cost for a 24-pack here in Tampa Bay Florida is 5 bucks. Yes, that means it's just 21 cents per bottle, but over the course of a month that's 7.5 24-packs of water, or $37.50.

I wasn't about to pay that kind of cash just for bottled water. Screw that.

Bottled water can be had for much cheaper just by getting a generic brand. Or the cost can even be cut further buying gallon jugs.

What I decided to do was buy a 5-cup Brita watcher pitcher. Cheap, small, and the filter lasts about 2 months. Yes, I decided to drink right from the tap in my home. I have well-based water anyway.

The pitcher paid for itself fairly quickly, so it was the right choice.

I had something like 12 bottles left from the 24-pack of Aquafina I had, so I drank all those, then switched to filtered water out of the Brita pitcher. I clean and reuse the Aquafina bottles just to measure 500ml since it's easy.

Yes, there is inconvenience using the pitcher because it is always taking space in the fridge, and it takes time to filter and cool the water. But for water drinking challenges, filtered tap is the most cost effective solution.

Things that happened and things that didn't

Skin elasticity

Supposedly, drinking a lot of water increases skin elasticity which is an anti-aging thing. I didn't notice anything like that. But my color seems a little better. I'm a very fair skinned guy, so to see any color is a plus.


I wear my hair short, but did notice some more fullness. Not a crazy amount, but it was noticeable.


I have definitely noticed an energy difference when doing my two daily 15-minute workouts.

Skin healing

If I get a cut or a bug bite, the skin seems to heal a little faster now.


No real difference here. There was one night however where I had to get up twice to urinate.

Going to the toilet

Going more often? Of course. Bothersome? No.

Did my urine color change? Yes. There was only one day where my urine was almost clear. I think it was the second day. After that it turned to a very-light-yellow color, which is normal.

The lack of craving for other drinks

This one surprised me a bit. As I started drinking more water, I felt very little desire to drink anything else. The cranberry juice and vegetable juice in the fridge, both of which I really like, now barely gets touched.

How it makes me feel overall

If I had to choose one word to accurately describe how I feel drinking 3 liters of water a day, it would be satisfaction.

Describing the satisfaction is difficult. It's not a jumping-for-joy feeling nor a feeling of being jubilant or excitement. Rather, it's similar to when I feel a sense of accomplishment. My body feels better for having more water in it, I feel better for putting the best possible liquid in my system, and it all just feels right.

Will I continue doing this?

Honestly, I've not decided yet. I like the feeling drinking 3L of water a day, but may scale it back to 2L.

The most challenging thing about the 3L-a-day challenge is simply remembering to keep drinking water. Once you get in the swing of things, drinking 3L daily is actually easy.

It's not that my system can't handle 3L, as it certainly can when spread over a day. But I don't know if I could ever make it habitual to the point where I drink 3L daily without even thinking about it.

I'll keep drinking 3L daily for now and see where it leads.

Published 2017 Jan 13