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Guitar of the Week #57 - Oscar Schmidt OE30CH

Oscar Schmidt OE30CH

A challenger to the Epiphone Dot Studio appears.

When it comes to semi-hollow guitars, the champion as far as value is concerned is the Epiphone Dot Studio. However, now you have an alternative that's $100 less, the Oscar Schmidt OE30CH.

If you ever wanted a Gibson ES-335 style guitar for as cheap as you can get it while still getting a decent axe for the money, I don't think you can do any better than Oscar Schmidt's "Delta King" series guitars as shown above.

The OE30CH has everything that makes a 335-style guitar work. From a lightweight semi-hollow body to the proper red stain finish to the properly voiced pickups, yes, this guitar nails it.

Better than a high-end ES-335? Obviously not. The question is whether this guitar is as good as the Dot Studio.

I'd actually say it's better than the Dot Studio for several reasons.

First, the OE30CH has body and F-hole binding on it while the Dot Studio does not.

Second, the OE30CH has four controls and the pickup selector on the top horn while the Dot Studio does not.

Third, the OE30CH has fret markers on the fretboard while the Dot Studio does not.

You get more guitar for the money over the Epiphone. The only thing you don't get is resale value. The Epiphone, solely based on brand name alone, is worth more than the Oscar Schmidt is. But in the end, are you buying a guitar for resale value or to actually play the thing?

As a player's guitar, the Oscar Schmidt is the better instrument over the Dot Studio, no question about it. You simply get more.

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