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pepsi and mountain dew throwback stuff

Yesterday I was finally able to find the elusive Throwback flavors (they were at Target). Throwback is from Pepsi and is available for Pepsi (duh) and Mountain Dew.

The difference between Throwback and the regular flavor is that it's made with real sugar and not that craptastic high fructose corn syrup.

The moment I tasted it, the difference was like night and day. It tastes better and is exactly how I remember it from the early 80s. This is the stuff Pepsi never should have stopped making. I hope people buy this stuff by the truckload because yes, it's just that good.

I'll put it to you this way - it would make me a Pepsi drinker again - and I don't even like soda all that much these days. But with Throwback I would. Both the Pepsi and Mountain Dew have a nice "bite" and flavor to them, so it's worth your time to buy some and try it out. Really, really good stuff.

In addition, Throwback has the now-vintage labels on them. And yeah, they look better and are much more distinctive. See photos below.

pepsi and mountain dew throwback stuff 1

pepsi and mountain dew throwback stuff 2

pepsi and mountain dew throwback stuff 3

pepsi and mountain dew throwback stuff 4

pepsi and mountain dew throwback stuff 5

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