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Probably the best stereo flanger guitar pedal


1980s stereo flanger effect goodness for a decent price.

The flanger effect is not hard to find, as it's in pretty much in just about every multi-effect processor out there. Tons of flanger pedals also exist.


The best flanger effect is, without question, the stereo type. As in the kind where you can go from a mild organ-like rotating speaker sound to trippy sounding 1960s style "fast wide" tone.

BOSS actually makes this right now with the BF-3. Typical to BOSS pedals, it's built like a tank, so you know it's good.

But then there's the old school Arion SFL-1.

A friend of mine actually had one of these back in the late '80s. I have absolutely no idea where he bought it from, but what amazed me about it was the stereo flange effect it could do really, really easily.

This is the only pedal where I can honestly say it was fun to use because it's not "safe". What I mean by that is that you can get some seriously wacky sounds out of it, so much to the point it makes your guitar tone unrecognizable...

...and it is for that reason I say the Arion SFL-1 is probably the best stereo flanger guitar pedal effect. I like a pedal that let's you go right off the deep end with your sound, so to speak. And do it in stereo.

Sure, you can play it safe with the SFL-1. But it's oh-so easy to go from safe to crazy with just a turn of a knob, and that's just cool.

Published 2024 Feb 20

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