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Random photos

These leaves will turn color soon.

A shot I forgot to post earlier. My sister had brought over a sand dollar shell from St. Kitts and it accidentally broke on the way over. It is said that doves appear when you break a sand dollar. I guess it's true.

Okay, why am I posting a pic of a crappy looking bench? It's because this bench is under a year old. It was bought from Wal-Mart and it's completely wrecked now, just from being outside like it's supposed to. Tip to homeowners: Don't skimp when it comes to outdoor furniture.

What's the cheapest vehicle accessory on the planet? Valve stem covers. Available just about anywhere. These cost me just under four bucks for the set. Call it dorky, call it what you will, it's easy, cheap and you can remove them easily if you don't like them later.

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