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Guitar of the week #105: Reverend Sensei Limited Edition

Reverend Sensei LE

What makes this Sensei special?

Answer: Bigsby vibrato system.

The Sensei is a guitar I've featured before, but this one, available in a few colors (the "natural" shown above is the best of the lot), has that vibrato system which is a very good selling point and I'll tell you exactly why.

This is a guitar with a 24.75" scale length and a neck with a 12" fingerboard radius - just like a Gibson Les Paul.

If you want a Gibson Les Paul with a Bigsby on it, there are 3 models. The Les Paul Joe Bonamassa "Tomato Soup Burst" Signature Limited Edition ($5,999), the Les Paul Recording (a new one is $2,799), and the Collector's Choice #14 1960 Les Paul "Waddy Watchel" ($7,332).

If you have $2,800+ to blow, go right ahead any buy one of those Gibsons. You'll be disappointed.

Or you can get the Sensei LE for well less than half that price. You'll get something that will make you much happier.

The choice is obvious. If you want a Les Paul style guitar with the Bigsby, get the Reverend Sensei.

On a final note, there was an Epiphone Bonamassa Les Paul with the Bigsby. Repeat, was. It's out of production. And I guarantee you wouldn't want it because the one with Bigsby only comes in fugly green. I'm not joking.

Again, get the Sensei LE if you want a Paul with a Bigsby on it. Right color, right features, right feel and right price for what it is.

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