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Schecter C-6 Deluxe is the best value electric guitar right now


You can't beat what you get for this price.

The C-6 Deluxe, sometimes with model number represented by color 430 (black), 431 (blue) or 432 (white) is - for the moment - the best you can get for an electric guitar value right now.

I call this one the best electric guitar value because it absolutely destroys anything else right now selling for $300.

That's not a typo. This guitar at the time I write this in August 2020 is just 300 bucks. New. Not used. With free shipping. The only thing paid on top of that is tax and nothing more. So at worst, the absolute total price you pay for one of these with tax included is just shy of $325.

Given how stellar Schecter's build quality is, there is absolutely nothing Squier or Epiphone makes that even comes close at this price point. Again, remember, 300 bucks.

And let's talk about balance. I'm not talking about sound (which is good) but rather how the guitar physically feels playing seated or standing. Zero neck dive. Contours everywhere. Easy access to every fret. Ergonomically speaking, this is far better than other standard guitar shapes.

Now let's talk about sound. What you get is just a plain pair of humbuckers and they work, which is all you can really ask for what you get here. But given how little the initial cash spent is, this guitar would take very nicely to replacement pickups. And, thankfully, the pickup routes and cavities are standard-sized. If you decide to get replacement pickups, they will fit.

Tuner upgrade? Not necessary. Schecter uses good tuners on all their guitars.

Bridge upgrade? Also not necessary.

Pots or switch replacement? Again, not necessary unless you feel you absolutely need replacements.

The only thing you may change on this will be the pickups, but as for literally every other part of the guitar, just keep it as-is and you'll be good to go.

Once again, I'm going to remind you this is 300 bucks shipped, and nobody else is selling this much guitar for so little.

If you've never tried Schecter before, now is the time to give this brand a try while the C-6 is priced as low as it is just to get them out the door.


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