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Schecter does a kickass Omen Extreme in Natural Gloss


The Omen Extreme gets all gussed up for a night on the town.

Years ago I owned a C-1 Classic model with a dark natural finish, and learned right then and there that Schecter really knows how to do natural finishes right.

Ordinarily I don't like a solid-body electric in natural, because it tends to lean heavily towards looking like a coffee table. Schecter escapes that by using interesting design patterns.

The arched top is quilted maple, and there is lovely creme multi-ply binding. Good stuff.

But wait, it gets better. The back has a ridiculously good looking dark stain that matches the gold hardware oh-so well:


I usually don't like guitars with a back doesn't match the front either, but again, Schecter makes it totally work. You can really see some nice mahogany there.

The insane part is that this is Schecter's lower priced model. Yeah, it's an Omen Extreme. You can get one at the time I write this for well south of $600.

Will the gold wear off with regular play? Yes, and I'll tell you exactly where it will happen. The volume knob and the bridge, since those are the gold parts you will be touching the most.

My only complaint about this guitar is that I know that gold in those areas I mentioned will wear off with regular play, and Schecter doesn't sell gold bridges nor gold knobs direct from their web site. If they did, and I were buying the Omen Extreme guitar seen above, yes, you're darned right I would also buy the gold knobs and bridge for spares.

I mean, yeah, you can get a gold bridge elsewhere, but it would be nice if Schecter actually sold the genuine thing that comes on the guitar direct. Schecter already sells pickups direct from their site. Why not knobs and bridges?

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