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Schecter E-1 is still the coolest Explorer style guitar there is

Schecter E-1 Natural Satin

If you're going to get an Explorer style guitar, this is the only one worth getting.

I've talked about the E-1 before from Schecter, and while there are other styles (such as Black Pearl which looks incredible,) the one seen above is Natural Satin for ultra-smooth comfort.

Some guys like "woody" guitars, and the go-to finish for that look is sunburst. But then there are those that prefer an all-woody look with no paint. An example of this is the Fender Classic Series '70s Stratocaster. I personally don't like that guitar because it looks too much like a coffee table (and yes, I did in fact play one in person, it really does look like a coffee table.)

Schecter does all-woody right with the E-1 in Natural Satin. Very nice grain line with all hardware being black, which in this application works.

It was also very smart of Schecter to use block inlays on the fretboard, as it complements the pole pieces of the pickups nicely. But then it goes right back to black at the headstock with all-black tuner hardware - which was also smart.

The satin finishing was also a very smart move. For the Fender I mentioned above, part of the reason it looks so much like a coffee table is because of the gloss finish. Satin finishing has a muted semi-gloss appearance, which on all-woody guitars really works well.

I firmly believe the E-1 is the best Explorer style guitar that exists. And yes, it's better than a Gibson Explorer. Looks better, sounds better, performs better. You're truly getting something genuinely good with the E-1.

I hope Schecter continues to make the E-1 for a good long time. Everything about it is correct where an Explorer style axe is concerned. Right look, right hardware, right everything.

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