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Guitar of the week #97 - Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder

Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder

This is a lean, mean, shredding machine.

Schecter sometimes does things that are both cool and funny at the same time. The Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder, also known as the Schecter Sun Valley SS, makes absolutely no apologies for what it is just from model name alone. The name says "This is a rock guitar meant to do a very specific thing. Deal with it."

And when I say "deal with it", I'm not kidding, especially when one of those colors offered is Lambo Orange, as you'll see from the links above. Like I said, no apologies are given here. I, of course, prefer the Sea Foam Green finish seen at top.

What we have here is a mahogany body, maple neck with "thin C" profile and 14" fingerboard radius, offset/reverse dot inlays (a nice touch), 24 X-Jumbo frets, Floyd-Rose Special "Hot Rod" tremolo system exclusive to Schecter, and a pair of EMG Retro Active Hot 70 pickups (yes, this guitar is active and has the 9V battery).

The only weak point of the guitar is the Floyd-Rose. "Special" means it's the cheaper version of the tremolo system. Floyd-Rose Original is the one that is made from the best stuff, but as you'll see from that link, you know instantly that the Special was used to keep the price of the guitar reasonable (otherwise it would be several hundred dollars more).

Even though the FR Special is the weak spot, for a South Korean made guitar, this one definitely delivers the goods in all the right places.

My kind of guitar? Nope. But like I said very recently, shredder guitars are popping up all over the place in 2017 and this is one of them.

The hardware is good, but what's also good is the reserved styling. Schecter went with an "elegant super Strat" look here, and it works greatly in its favor. The guitar totally looks like something that easily costs 4 figures, but is actually well below that price point.

The Sun Valley is a good offering from Schecter and priced just right for what it is. I understand the cost-cutting choice to use the FR Special instead of Original, and that was a correct decision to make the guitar more affordable. With this axe, you totally do get what you pay for, and I say that in a positive way.

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