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***Secret FSR Fender guitars? Yes, they exist, and they're right here

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Secret Squier Bass - Inca Silver Classic Vibe Jazz Bass '60s

Squier Jazz Bass 60s in Inca Silver

Every now and then, Squier releases a guitar (in this case a bass guitar) that makes you say, "Whoa. Nice." This is one of them.

Eventually, at some point, I will get a Jazz Bass. And it will probably be a Squier just because I can get it for less compared to a Fender.

Why the Jazz Bass in particular? Because it has a very skinny nut width. How skinny? 1.5 inches. Yes, that means the nut width is even more skinny than the skinniest Strat. On the Jazz Bass, this makes the instrument insanely comfortable to play. If you don't believe me, pick up a Jazz Bass and feel it for yourself.

Ordinarily, I don't like silver guitars, and I don't like color-matched headstocks/pegboards on Fender designs either. But the Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass '60s in Inca Silver hits all the right marks. Wow, does this bass look good.

Cheap? No, it's mid-priced. Still well below a Fender price, but not bargain-basement-level price. Worth the money? I think it is.

The CV '60s Jazz from Squier only comes in two colors. Olympic White, which I don't like the look of at all because it makes the bass look cheap, and the Inca Silver seen above.

When you look at the Olympic White version compared to the Inca Silver, they look like two totally different bass guitars, even though spec-wise they're exactly the same.

The Inca Silver version is just such a classy looking instrument that could easily pass as a $750 bass guitar, but sells for far less than that. It makes the Olympic White version look like a toy in comparison. Like I said, they're both the same bass, but just a color change, a color-matched pegboard and changed color of pick guard make all the difference here.

Why am I so hooked on a look?

Because it matters. The first thing you see with a guitar or bass is how it looks. That's the thing that draws you in. If it, for whatever it is, doesn't look good, you won't buy it, regardless of how the instrument sounds.

Since 2012, Squier has been offering some of the more ritzy colors that used to be custom-shop-only, like Aztec Gold, Shoreline Gold (which is tough to come by), Shell Pink and Sherwood Green. Inca Silver is currently only offered on the CV Jazz Bass and no other model, guitar or bass. You want that silver, you have to get that specific Jazz Bass...

...and that's not a bad thing, because it's nice to have some exclusivity with a particular instrument.

If you've never seen a Squier Inca Silver Jazz Bass before seeing me write about it, that wouldn't surprise me. I do sometimes dig into Squier's offerings just to see what's out there, and the latest one to surprise even me was seeing that silver Jazz Bass.

Every guitar player needs a bass guitar. If you don't have a bass and wanted something really nice that's not-too-bad on the wallet, grab an Inca Silver Jazz Bass while they're still available. And in case you're wondering, yes, Inca Silver does look far better in person than it does in a photo.

If the price of the CV Jazz Bass is too high for you, a cheap one that looks good is the Affinity model in Lake Placid Blue (other colors also available). It's not as nice as the CV, but it's cheap, looks good, sounds good and has the skinny nut for supremely comfortable play.


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