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Squier 40th Anniversary Telecaster prices are all over the place


Shop around and you can score one for under $350 right now.

Evidently, the Squier 40th Anniversary Telecaster has been a tough sell, so Fender has slashed the price. This one at the time I write this in late August 2023 is $330. Brand new. Yep.

However, if you look at the Reverb listings for the same guitar, prices are flying all over the place.

Some are charging too much at $600, while others are under $350, and there's even a lightly used one for under $300.

What exactly is a 40th anniversary Squier Telecaster?

It's a Tele with "aged" chrome hardware, black guard, satin urethane finished body (very comfortable), tinted satin urethane finished neck (also very comfortable), vintage style tuning machines and pickups featuring alnico magnets. It is unknown what type of alnico, but my guess is since this is supposed to be an anniversary model, it's probably alnico 3.

My advice: Buy with the intent of getting a premium Squier for cheap. The satin-everything body + neck makes this a super comfortable player.

If you like Telecasters, score one for under $350 and you really do get something great for the money. $300 to $350 is definitely the sweet spot for one of these, be it new or lightly used.

Published 2023 Aug 29

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