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State of my watch collection 2021


Downsizing has occurred.

In the latter half of 2020 I decided to sell off a few watches and may sell a few more. What I own is nothing expensive (most are in fact quite cheap), but I've come to learn a few lessons over the course of my watch journey thus far.

What I wear now

Nothing but Casio. Specifically, you'll see me wearing model F-91W, A158 or AQ230. I don't wear anything else.

The two reasons I wear these is because they're lightweight and legible. To date, the F-91W and it's steel "brother" A158 have the most legible displays of any digital watch I've ever owned. Both have the most crisp, clear displays, and do not wash out when tilted. And while you wouldn't think the small AQ230 isn't legible, it is because it has fantastic contrast.

Here are the watch lessons I've learned.

Lesson #1: I can't do G-SHOCK.

I measured my wrist recently, and it's 6.5", which is small. Because of this, there is not a single G-SHOCK watch out there that fits my wrist.

Size of watch is not the issue and never has been.

It's the strap.

If a resin strap, the watch won't rest flush to my wrist and a huge tail sticks out.

If a fabric strap, the tail isn't as bad but still sticks out quite a bit.

You might say, "Why not get one on metal bracelet?" I've not done this because they're too expensive and all too heavy. The lightest one is about 73g. By comparison, a GWM5610, one of the smaller G-SHOCK squares, is 52g.

And speaking of which, on paper the GWM5610 looks like a perfect fit even for the small-wristed as it measures 46.7mm lug-to-lug, 43.2mm case size and 12.7mm thickness. But strap it on and whammo, there's the strap tail sticking out like crazy. Totally ruins it.

Yes, I know there are strap adapters for G-SHOCK watches. I don't like the look of any of them.

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